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Journal, Magazines, books and videos for Free

Conventional aquaculture
Advances grouper aquaculture
Aquaculture Engineering Slides
Aquaculture in the crossroads
Aquaculture in PNG 
Bangkok declaration and strategy for aquaculture
Barramundi aquaculture
Barramundi biology and fishery
Bivalve hatchery 
Budidaya Windu non pakan-non aerasi; dengan pakan non aerasi
Budidaya kerapu
Coconut crab part 1; part 2; part 3 ; stock assesment 
Crab culture manual;
Crab biology and culture part 1; part 2
Crab in Australasia
Crab genetics
Comparative analysis of material flows in low input carp and poultry farming: an overview of concepts and methodology
Culture-based fisheries
Fish culture manual
Fish drying
Fish pond engineering 
Giant clam mariculture economy;  sustainable development; culture manual; hatchery; in Asia and Pacific; Anatomy
Grouper hatchery guide
Grouper feeding guide
Grow out from capture
Hatchery management of tiger grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus)
Hatchery of seabass and gilthead seabream vol 1;
Hatchery of seabass and gilthead seabream vol 2
History of aquaculture
Ikan nila di keramba 
Integrated agriculture aquaculture
Introduction to aquaculture
Live fish trading
Low cost fish farming
Nursery management of grouper 
Perikanan Tuna
Penangkapan tuna long line
Penanganan penyu
Pemantauan penyu
Penangkapan dengan rawai
Penanganan kerapu dan kakap
Pencegahan penyakit pada budidaya udang
Teknologi pembenihan dan pembesaran ikan laut
Trochus hatchery
Tuna baitfish 
Tilapia floating cage
Sea cucumber aquaculture; 
Sandfish hatchery
Seaweed industry
Sentra Iptek Perikanan Budidaya 
Shark and rays
Shrimp research keys issues
Shrimp hatchery
Shrimp culture manual
Shrimp sustainability
Shrimp pond
Simple methods for aquaculture 
Spiny lobster aquaculture; grow out; exploitation

Aquatic plants
Inland saline aquaculture
Pond dynamics
Reservoirs management
Water analytical methods

Fish Feeds 
Amino acid content of foods and biological data on proteins
Composition of fish
Development of small scale feed mills
Economics of aquaculture feeding practices in selected Asian countries 
Feeds and feeding in Mekong
Feed ingredients and fertilizers for farmed aquatic animals
Farm made aquafeeds
Fish as feed input in aquaculture
Fish feed formulations and production
Fish Feed technology
Impact of rising ingredients fishfeeds
Manual of live feeds production 
Marine trash fish
Nutrient Requirements of Fish
Nutritional fish pathology
Nutrition and feeding of farmed fish and shrimp: 1. essential nutrients 
Nutrition and feeding of farmed fish and shrimp: 2. Nutrient sources and composition 
Nutrition and feeding of farmed fish and shrimp: 3. feeding methods
Nutrition of fish and crustacean: laboratory manual
Thematic Review of Feeds and Feed Management Practices in Shrimp Aquaculture

Allozymes electrophoretic methods
Application of genetic technology in aquaculture
Application of risk analysis to genetic issues in aquaculture
Aquatic diversity 
Fish genomics and analytical genetic technologies
Genetically modified organisms and fisheries
Genetically modified organism and aquaculture
Genetic home reference
Genetic resource management 
Genetic resources of Indian major carps
Global action plan for animal genetic resources 
Glossary of biotechnology and genetics engineering 
Molecular genetic characterization of animal genetic resources
Review of the status of aquaculture genetics
The state of the world's animal genetic resources for food and agriculture

Artificial propagation
Breeding strategies for sustainable management of animal genetic resources
Development of GIFT
Genetic improvement of tilapia: present and future
Genetics and breeding in seed supply for inland aquaculture
Inbreeding and brood stock management
Selective breeding programmes or medium-sized fish farms
Standar Nasional Indonesia: Pembenihan Air Tawar
Standar Nasional Indonesia: Pembenihan Air Payau
Standar Nasional Indonesia: Pembenihan Air Laut

Health Management   
Asia diagnostic guide to aquatic animal diseases
Health management in asian aquaculture
Residues of some veterinary drugs in animals and foods
Survey tools for diseases

Tools for research writings
Web of science
Slide Makeover 
Multivariate methods in aquaculture research: case studies of tilapias in experimental and commercial systems

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